Data analytics is an important cultural part of certain sports, in particular baseball and basketball in the US. High-quality data sources for these sports are easy to find and growing in popularity. However for other popular international sports, in particular football (aka “soccer”), these sources simply do not exist. And people want them.

Meet Statium.

Statium is all about football data analytics, and bringing the techniques of sabermetrics (remember Moneyball?) to the football world. Our role is to gather data, analyze it and present it in a precise, engaging and design-friendly way via our website and our app.

The website and app are currently available in English and French and focus on the top 5 European leagues (England's Premier League, Spain's Liga, Germany's Bundesliga, Italy's Serie A and France's Ligue 1) as well as the US league (MLS) and international competitions (UEFA Champions League and Europa League, EURO, World Cup).

Crafted with love in Paris, France.

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The team

Mick square
Mick, Product Manager & Co-Founder
From full stack developer to box-to-box midfielder, Mick is passionate about indie-rock, sports and beer. He started making Excel files about football and basketball results when he was 12. At Statium, Mick guides the strategic vision of the company and is the lead developer for the website and app.
David square
David, Technical and Admin Handyman & Co-Founder
David is a serial entrepreneur ranging from art to web publicity, and when Mick asked him “What about getting onboard with me for a company about football & stats?”, he was already on the pitch ready to go. David is Statium’s administrative & financial manager and technical architect.
Julien square
Julien, Scientific Expert
Julien is a math Ph.D. and sports junkie. After 10 years in the US, he’s now also an avid Mets fan. He loves crunching numbers and writing about what he does, making him the ideal player to lead Statium’s data science research (algorithms and statistical analysis) and blog.

Hall of Fame

Thanks to all other Statium contributors, including Alexis, Alki, Benjamin, Julio, Yvan.